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Welcome to my page!

I am a Swedish man born in 1958. My family (me, wife and son) lives in Malmö, the third biggest city of lovely Sweden.

Wife: Especially fond of music, friends and family. Son: Kind of a computer wizard. (Who has taught him??)

Among my interests are love, finance, work and science.

Now and then I enjoy a good game of chess, preferably fast games. Sometimes I open with the strange 1.g4, but most of the time the usual 1.e4

Favourite music: "All Time High" (title music of "Octopussy" - the James Bond-movie). Close second runner up is "Air" by Bach! And.. do not forget ABBA´s "The winner takes it all!"...

Favourite painting: "The veiled lady" by Alexander Roslin

Lastest movie at the cinema: "Narnia"

Most horrible book read: "A child called It" by David Peltzer

Favourite TV-shows: "CSI" and "The Simpsons".

(Last modified 2006-02-14)

Real friends already know how to contact me - others would not bother...